Translation is the art of converting a text into another language, whilst maintaining the meaning of the original.



I examine the accuracy of the document and look for any spelling, grammatical, register, syntactic and stylistic errors.



I compare the original and translated documents and identify any mistranslations or inconsistencies. I also look for any spelling, grammatical, syntactic and stylistic errors.



I listen to a recording or audio file and type up the contents so that you have a written record of it. This can be a conference, a video, a podcast etc.


Meet Elena BA, MA, MCIL, CL (Chartered Linguist) from Roveglia Language Services.

  • A professional, qualified and highly-skilled translator providing translations from Spanish, Italian, German and Welsh into English and from English into Welsh [Go to -> Translations]
  • A bilingual Welsh and English speaker specialising in translations in business, human resources, travel and tourism, finance, education, food and beverage and general medicine.
  • A highly-qualified and skilled tutor in German, Spanish, Welsh and English with over 18 years’ experience as Head of Languages in UK and international schools and universities, and a proven track record of student achievement. I will help you learn English or Welsh quickly and make the learning engaging and motivating.  I will tailor my teaching to meet your needs whether they are for business or pleasure! [Go to -> Lessons]


I have known Elena for 7 years and we both taught together in a school in Bristol.  Elena is a fantastic teacher who gives everything to her teaching and her pupils.  She is motivated, committed and loyal and is a brilliant tutor.
Carol Cole, Head of HouseOasis Academy, Bristol
Elena is an amazing language teacher for anyone seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in learning Spanish, German, Italian or Welsh. She is highly experienced and very professional. One of my favorite things about Elena is that she will motivate you to do your utmost best with every lesson, paying attention not only to technical details but also helping you to express emotions and feelings in different languages. The best part is that Elena does this kindly and patiently. I would highly recommend Elena for anyone looking to learn a new language, improve and further expand their fluency in Spanish, German, Italian or Welsh and for anyone willing to work hard for amazing results. 
Iliana Petrova Akin, Teacher of SENBelmont School, Cheltenham
I have known Elena Roveglia since she was in secondary school when I taught her German. She is bilingual in Welsh and English and has an instinctive ability to learn languages. She went on to achieve a degree in Modern Languages, an MA and a PGCE qualification. She has continued to maintain her abilities in these languages through travel and attendance at courses abroad. She is a passionate linguist and an enthusiastic traveller and user of her language skills. She also very successfully completed a CELTA course qualifying her to teach ESOL. She has many years of teaching experience in a variety of schools and has been a very successful Head of Department for a number of years. I can highly recommend Elena for her teaching and management abilities.
Gillian Davies, ESOL LecturerGower College Swansea.
Elena is an outstanding teacher. Her love of languages is clearly evident in her classroom practice.  She creates a relaxed and safe environment in which to learn.I love the way she inspires learners to embrace languages and to have fun while learning.
Claire Seales, Teacher of Religious StudiesOasis Academy, Bristol
Elena is an outstanding teacher.  Her energy, enthusiasm, dedication and creative approach inspire students to thrive and enjoy every lesson.  Learning languages has never been so much fun!
Charlotte Cook, Teacher of SENWeston College, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset
Elena Roveglia is an extremely gifted linguist. She is an inspirational teacher who opens the world of languages to children and adults.  She is conscientious and very professional.
Fran Magee, Teacher at PRU UnitSomerset