Why learn Welsh?

  • Over 500,000 people speak Welsh in Wales, a country which along with Scotland, England and Northern Ireland forms the UK.
  • It is one of the oldest languages in Europe, dating back possibly 4,000 years and is an essential part of the cultural identity of Wales.
  • Wales has its own Welsh language television channel called S4C as well as a Welsh language radio station called BBC Radio Cymru. In education, it is compulsory to study Welsh up to the age of 16 so all students in Wales study Welsh for 12 years.  Welsh is everywhere….even in South America!
  • The Welsh people first arrived in Patagonia, Argentina in 1865 where they had migrated to protect their Welsh culture, which they felt was under threat in their native Wales. An estimated 5000 people speak Welsh in Patagonia today and teachers are sent there annually to teach Welsh and train local tutors.  The early pilgrims certainly fulfilled their dream of creating “a little Wales beyond Wales”.

How will Welsh help you?

  • Welsh is growing and in demand. All public sector organisations in Welsh must provide services in Welsh and English and being able to speak Welsh is an asset to any company and will open more doors.
  • If your children or grandchildren are learning Welsh at school, wouldn’t you like to be able to speak Welsh to help with school homework?
  • Why not fully experience Welsh culture and learn Welsh now from a native speaker!

Why choose me as your tutor?

  • I am a native speaker of Welsh and have been a languages teacher in the UK, Kazakhstan and China for over 18 years; for the most part as Head of Languages, teaching adults and young people. I am a highly qualified and experienced educator and an accredited Business English trainer with a proven track record of student achievement.   Furthermore, I am a qualified editor and proofreader. With me, you are in safe hands!
  • Welsh is very personal to me as it is the language that I grew up with and it forms an important part of my identity. My maiden name was a very traditional Evans before getting married, and I was brought up in the village of Llanddarog, in Carmarthenshire, where Welsh is spoken naturally as part of everyday life.

I want you to be successful!

Drawing on my vast teaching experience, I tailor my classes to your needs and make the learning engaging and relevant.  Equally important is the fact that I am friendly, warm and patient and want you to succeed!

How I teach a language

My teaching focuses on the core skills of learning any language, namely, speaking, listening, reading and writing.  There is also an emphasis on grammar, which is used in each of these core skills.  Rest assured that I don’t waste time on anything you don’t need to know.

I also provide high quality lesson materials to accompany my lessons as well as a recording and a summary of the lesson content at the end of the lesson for revision purposes.  I have experience of teaching all nationalities, at all levels of proficiency and of all ages.

Teaching Experience

  • Over 18 years’ experience teaching in independent and state schools in the UK, Kazakhstan and China, for the most part as Head of Languages
  • 3 years of online tuition
  • GCSE examiner for the AQA examination board
  • Familiar with all UK exam boards
  • Experience in teaching languages for business


  • MA Translation (Spanish and German)
  • BA European Languages (German, Spanish and Italian)
  • PGCE in European Languages
  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults)
  • Cert IBET (Business English Trainer)
  • Qualified Editor and Proofreader

What courses do you offer?

I offer tailored Welsh lessons for companies and individuals through Skype or Zoom.  I am happy to offer you a free one-to-one consultation over Skype or Zoom to discuss how to reach your goal fast.  With my guidance, we will focus on your own individual requirements. This can be for an exam, a holiday or for business.

If you require training for six or more people, it can save time and money by running a course in-house or as a conference call.

Contact me about this course of for a free consultation.